Head Instructor

joe2015Pu Sa Bum Nim Joe Dumais

Rank:  Third Degree Black Belt

PSBN Joe has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. In 2004, he was the Men’s Kuk Sool 2nd Degree Black Belt Grand Champion. He is a United States Marine Corp veteran and is the proud parent of 2 young boys. He has performed martial arts demos at the Toyota Center, individual schools and numerous national retail chains.


JKN Albert Gutierrez

Rank:  First Degree Black Belt

JKN Albert has been practicing Martial Arts for over 20 years! He is a first degree black belt in Kuk Sool and loves kids. He is a proud father of 5 beautiful children and is always happy to see your kids in class when they are here. He enjoys meditating and dancing and is always ready to have fun!

garrison2Garrison Weber

Garrison Weber has been a martial arts enthusiast since 2009, beginning as a senior in high school. He began his martial arts training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, earning his blue belt under Chad Kight who is a black belt under Royce Gracie. From there, he continued his training while branching out into Muay Thai, Kickboxing, boxing, and Jeet Kun do in addition to his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. He has a love for all things Martial Arts, and wishes to pass that love on to others through teaching. He graduated from Wharton County Junior College in early 2014, with an Associates of Applied Science in Automotive Technology

TNT – Teachers In Training

rubyRuby Beltran
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Adam Lawson
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Ritchie Booe
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Bryan Nguyen leBryan Nguyen-Le
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Office Staff

Angie Saldana
Program Director
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