Little Dragons

Martial Art Fitness Academy’s Lil’ Dragons program is perfect for your little loved ones. Punches and Kicks are taught, but the REAL lessons are the life skills. While using positive reinforcement, a heavy emphasis is placed on Discipline, Focus and Listening taught in a Formal Structured Environment.

Our Little Dragons Program is especially designed for our three to five year old children and is a combination of fun, exercise, Martial Arts and life skills. Our Little Dragon class isn’t just all about kicking and punching… it’s a fantastic way of improving your child’s:
Respect, Motor Skills, Control, Self Defense, Confidence, Coordination, Balance, Focus, Self Esteem, Listening Skills and much more!

Each class is structured to make sure we not only develop the self-control of our Little Dragons but we also help improve and strengthen their attention span as well. In addition to having fun, exercising and learning new skills…the Little Dragons classes will also prepare your little ones for the next level in their Martial Arts journey with a ‘I can’ attitude needed not only to successfully pass their Black Belt level but also to become successful in life as well.