Teacher in Training (TNT) Program

Martial Art Fitness Academy’s Teacher in Training (TNT) program is a program for our current students, who have shown outstanding development during their time here at MAFA; not only in physical ability, but in confidence, attitude, and maturity. They are hand selected by our head instructors to be an example for the school while in class as well as outside of the facility. This program allows those invited, to grow as both a martial artist, and more importantly, as a person.

Our TNT students will be able to attend extra training classes specifically designed to help them grown into a leader and one day, an assistant instructor. As part of Martial Art Fitness Academy’s TNT team, each student will be expected to hold a high standard of personal responsibility in regards to their training here at MAFA, their schoolwork, and how they uphold themselves while outside of the school, to be a role model to all those who look up to them.

The Martial Arts profession is more demanding than ever. Therefore each method we choose for our TNT training sessions have to have a supreme impact on our student success while in the dojo. This is particularly the case when training our TNT’s to reach our standards of care when it comes to our students and their families.

Martial Art Fitness Academy develops its training sessions using gold standard, research-proven methods that are shown to help your student reach high achievement not only in customer service but with their life skills as well. For our brown belts and higher who are interested in participating in our TNT program, please ask one of your instructors for a referral. We would love to have you ALL as part of our MAFA family!