Selecting a martial art that is right for you is the most important decision you can make. You want an activity that you are comfortable with, but at the same time challenges you mentally and physically.

Why Study Martial Arts?

  • If you were put into a situation where you had to defend yourself or your family, would you have the confidence and training to do so?
  • If your kids were being teased or bullied, would they have the confidence and self-esteem necessary to withstand it, and the training to defend themselves only if necessary?
  • Are your children involved in an activity that reinforces — rather than undermines — the lessons of respect, etiquette, discipline, and positive thinking that you teach them at home?
  • Do inspiring, positive, and respect-worthy role models surround you and your kids?
  • Does your current exercise program burn fat, build muscle, stretch tissue and joints, and teach you valuable life skills all at once?

Martial arts training strengthens and stretches your muscles, your intellect, your spirit, and your confidence. It is a positive, healthy activity that involves the pursuit of challenging goals through diligence and self-discipline. It is also a community-minded, family-friendly activity in which adults have the opportunity to set an example of proper behavior and values for our children.

Which Martial Art is for Me?

The most important thing to consider when looking for a school is not just the style, but finding the right instructor. The instructor is what makes the difference.

What is the Best Instruction?

All instruction should be given by highly qualified instructors on an individual basis. During instruction and training the utmost care should be taken to ensure the safety and progress of each student. Each individual should be allowed to progress at his or her own pace according to their abilities. If the instruction is worthwhile, the student will be eager to attend all their classes.

kidsWhat about Instructor Qualities?

  • Pleasant personality
  • Enthusiastic and encouraging
  • Inspirational and motivating
  • Gentle, but firm
  • Patient
  • Ability to demonstrate technique
  • Interest in helping you attain your goals

Curriculum and Getting Started

At Martial Art Fitness Academy we teach the traditional Martial Arts but with an upbeat, enthusiastic modern approach. First you will be given a free brief introductory course so you can see the school in operation. Our instructors will familiarize you with the basic Martial Arts techniques. In doing so they will help you to understand the benefits of this training, paving the way for your formal classes with confidence and optimism. After completing the introductory lesson, several affordable options will be discussed along with your evaluation. These will be explained by the Program Manager.

Best for your Kids!

blockMartial Arts is good, clean fun for kids and a great way to give kids a head start in life. At Martial Art Fitness Academy, they’ll learn the positive benefits of self-discipline, develop confidence and coordination, and increase strength and flexibility. Because respect is built into Martial Arts, children develop the ability to listen, learn, and achieve within a regulated environment. This proves to be an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for school. Don’t miss our special message to parents looking for a Martial Arts school for their kids!

Special Program Offerings

Our special program offerings include:

  • Women’s Self-Defense
  • Introductory Specials
  • Little Dragon Programs: Ages 4 to 7
  • College Student Specials
  • Club / Group Programs
  • Demonstrations / Workshops available upon request

Have more questions? Be sure to read our list of frequently asked questions!

So what are you waiting for? If you are ready for a new, healthier and more confident way of life for you and your children, Martial Art Fitness Academy is ready to help. Call us today at281-969-8644, or send an email to [email protected] or use our onlinecontact form. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!