Excellent Academy. Very enthusiastic instructors. Very fun place to be. My kids absolutely love this place. Not only do they learn about self defence, they learn about lots of other things in life as well for e.g. motivation, positive spirits and encouragements to name a few. Would highly recommend to kids of all ages, including adults too.

Weng Yu T

Excellent center and highly professional instructors. Very positive effect on my children!

Nazar S.

We just enrolled my son who is 9 y/o to the program and we are so impressed! Absolutely brilliant staff members who make you feel so welcome and put you at ease. They work very well with the kids and give lots of personal attention. We love the program! So happy we found them!!

Unnati D.

An acquaintance of mine knew Joe and highly recommended him as a fantastic martial arts instructor, and considering said acquaintance is practically lethal in kuk sool, I figured his word was gold on this. I admit I was intimidated by all the butt-kicking pics on their website because I was a total wimp, but honestly Joe, Omar, and the assistant instructors are so friendly there’s nothing to worry about.

Joe and Omar really know how to teach. They are very skilled at kuk sool and their related backgrounds, but they are incredibly friendly and patient, even when you mess up repeatedly, keep dropping your staff, accidentally hit yourself, etc. You’ll reap what effort you put in. Kuk sool itself is a practical martial art, and I am really glad that that I picked this school and this form.

This school has something for everyone, and I mean it. Kids? Adults? Beginner? Black belt? You name it, as long you have a great attitude and come here to learn, you’ll like this place. Each week within a month concentrates on a different area, like sparring, techniques, just-plain-sweaty-workout, so be sure to come at different weeks to get a better feel for the classes.

Catherine S.

I attend this Martial Arts Fitness Academy, and am now a brown belt:black stripe. In the two years that I attended this Martial Arts, I have gotten stronger, faster, and more flexible. The teaching techniques that this school uses, though very similar for both children and adults, impress me. The light competitive spirit that pushes each student forward gives me relief from school and home life issues every time I have stepped into the classroom. Anytime I feel like I need to vent, the first place my mind wanders to is the MAFA school. However, I wish that the duration of the classes were longer… This is by far my favorite place to be, even if the ice cream shop across the street taunts me.

Vaxor Chase

I have twin 6 year old boys that have gone there for the last few months and the instructors have been great at building their confidence and skills. We reviewed various schools and after meeting the instructors my wife felt that they understood how to work with our kids the best.

I have seen improvements in coordination, self-confidence, and strength and the only thing I wish was an option would be for sign up for a free practice time on Saturdays that they could work on their skills they learned during classes.

I would recommend this martial arts academy as a top choice.

Jason West

My son Vignesh enjoys going to MAFA, very knowledgeable teachers and very friendly environment

Me Me

We love the energy of the instructors. Very professional and can see its impacting our kids in a very positive way. Thanks and great job 🙂

Nazar Sayed

This school is really awesome. my kid started more than a year back and he is doing very good with focus and attention. All the instructors are great and Mr OMAR you are awesome. my kid looks up to you and practically begs me to take to karate class every day.

Anusha Chava

My three girls take class here. We have been with the school for a year. Mr. Omar & Mr. Joe are AMAZING instructors. The knowledge of the art and skill of instructing is unsurpassed. I truly can not say enough positive about their school.

MK Matt

As a mom of two very active boys I have found MAFA to be such a positive experience for all of us. It’s more than just Martial Arts. It is a way of life. There is a whole fitness regimen from strength training to endurance building, which leads to great confidence boosting. These qualities are ultimately carried into your everyday life. The benefits go far beyond the instructional times. Not to mention training with my children. I can keep up with them. I can keep close to them. Something all of us mothers long for as they grow up. It’s something my boys and I have in common. And what a way for your children to look at you as a Mom…their Mom…the best Mom ever!

Dawn Martinez

janelleThank you Martial Art Fitness Academy for changing my life. When I first started taking classes I had a very difficult time lasting more than 20 minutes but PSBN Carolyn, KSN Joe, and JKN Omar encouraged me to push myself to my ultimate physical limits. I was never made to feel guilty or embarrassed for being out of shape they just helped me to improve my health and flexibility. PSBN Carolyn and KSN Joe even took time out of their own busy schedules to help me train for my first marathon. Since beginning my journey at MAFA I have gained personal confidence, lost weight, and I am in the best physical shape of my life

Jannelle Prieve

I want to take a minute to thank you for all you have done for Brittany. I am proud to say that with a nutritionist and her MAFA classes, she has dropped the 10% of total body weight that she needed to be considered healthy for her height and age. She is happier, healthier, better behaved and more focused. I appreciate your constant quest for the kids to reach their personal goals, whatever they may be.

Thanks again!
Aimee Leva

Martial Art Fitness Academy is a wonderful friendly atmosphere. The instructors work hard to understand each child’s needs and works to help implement their strengths by encouraging the students in a positive, fun, and rewarding manner. My girls love coming to class and always leave feeling like they’re part of the family.

April Garza

Thank you Martial Art Fitness Academy! After searching for a Martial Art School that would fit my schedule as well as needs, I chose MAFA and I am glad I did. After just 6 short weeks of classes three times a week I have lost a total of 8 pounds, gained some flexibility, as well as balance which were some of my goals. I am in the best shape I have been in 25 years. I am 54 years of age so if you’re young or old I would recommend MAFA. So again, thanks guys at MAFA.

Edward Walker

Just wanted to let you all know you are doing an outstanding job. Kim and I have both had extensive exposure to teachers over our lifetime, especially teachers working with children. The patience and encouragement you give to each and every student is extraordinary. Kim and I find ourselves looking forward to bringing Rayne to your classes. We have seen Rayne developing more confidence and self assurance every month.

I am also very grateful for the attention you give to manners and proper respect for everyone in the class. Manners and respect seem to be something of the past and I have had a great concern that Rayne could find herself treated disrespectfully in the future and would think this was normal. Her exposure to your class will give her a basis of what respect from her peers should look like and will help her identify disrespect much easier in the future.

Jon Horton